• Desha Elliott

Tips for Product Packaging

Picture Source: The Guardian

Recent studies show that consumers are forming opinions about brands within 10 seconds. Here's what they are gathering from your product label and packaging:

  1. Is it a company or brand I recognize? Is it from a brand I trust or have tried before?

  2. The ingredients. Is it something I am allergic to? For or against my diet?

  3. Is the product packaging functional for the product? Is there more air than product?

  4. How much is inside? Can I take this on a plane? Is the size right for my current usage?

  5. Price versus perceived value of brand?

Here are some tips you can use to help build a better perception of your brand:

  • Go to the store where your item would be sold and view it's competitors. What catches your eye about their packaging? How much shelf space does each item take up?

  • Have your target audience test out a few demo labels. See what they perceive by looking at this label. Would they buy it? What other answers or important info would they be looking for when they go to buy this product.

Taking these tips into consideration should help elevate your brand perception.


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