• Desha Elliott

Going Live On Social Media With Your Brand

Is your brand ready to GO LIVE with their audience? In this age of having so much information readily available and a higher command for transparency, going live can have a positive impact for those wanting to be able to connect with your product, service, company, or even the overall mission. Here's a few tips to help prepare you for when you want your audience to experience your brand in real time:

  1. Center your live around an event or an important topic. Examples of this would be a product launch, speaking engagement or a feedback session for the brand's latest strategy.

  2. Be sure to keep your live well lit and be mindful of your surroundings. While quarantine kept us in the house, be mindful of anything in the background - whether it's noise or those clothes you forgot to fold- you wouldn't your audience to get distracted from the main point of your interaction. Good lighting helps your viewers to clearly see the product and who is speaking.

  3. Thank and engage with your viewers that join you during and after your live. This helps build a rapport with your audience. The audience that tunes in will develop brand loyalty and be instrumental for your product or service's success along the way.

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