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Finding Your What and Why

As entrepreneurs sometimes we struggle with finding our What and Why. You have a big idea, but, what do you do next and why are you even doing this? DrDesha Elliott, the CEO and founder of DrDesha,LLC encourages entrepreneurs to spread their wings and conquer the fears and apprehensions that can hold them back. She introduces Brittany and James, (two fictional entrepreneurs) who just like you, have a dream they want to make into a reality. It seems that Brittany made and sold art in the past and even moved to New York to see if she could get her work into an art gallery. However, she returned rejected and dejected and now finds herself laid off from work. James has a wife and child depending on him. His dream is to help his customers to take his financial tips and get approved for loans.

Brittany and James briefly express their desires and reasonings for becoming entrepreneurs. It’s Brittany’s love of creating art and James’ excitement for the financial industry that is the foundation for what they can build or provide for others. Brittany and James also express their apprehensions: fear of failing, not wanting to disappoint their families, and not having enough money. All of these are very common and valid fears. 

The questions that you as an entrepreneur can ask yourself are: 

  • What’s holding me back from fulfilling my dreams? 

  • What’s stopping me from trying out what I know and going for it? 

  • What’s my What and Why for wanting to start a business?

Once you answer these questions you’re ready to begin taking the steps to entrepreneurship: find your what and why, research analysis, discover your customer, put your legal lenses on, budget for it, evaluate, and review. As we continue to explore this subject, we’ll observe the paths taken by Brittany and James as they turn their ideas into realities.

Excerpt taken from-The Entrepreneur’s Memo: 7 Steps To Start Your Business by: Desha “DrDesha” Elliott.

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