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Clubhouse As An Interactive Marketing Sales Tool

Clubhouse, with it‘s availability currently available to iPhone users, has been a platform used to connect and express expertise and opinion on an array of subjects. Drdesha, LLC took to this app to provide an informative, expert way to let art have the opportunity to get feedback on their music and to be able get opportunities for placement, performance and jobs within the music industry. Joining with Coalition Kingdom, and a myriad of other award winning music influencers and decision makers, Monday through Friday feedback was given to at least 30-35 songs a day. From this, the team created a website ( for those who want a more in depth feedback and working session with the moderators of the room, or who want to skip the line and be VIP during their play, as most songs are played at random.

Many have asked how do you make money off of social media? Be consistent, add value, and test your pricing mode and service needs for your clients along the way.

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